Welcome to ProAudioMan servicing and repairs for Musicians Bands Studio's and Pro Audio Users

We service and repair Guitar Amps & Cabs from all the leading manufacturers dealing with
Marshall Fender Blackstar Crate Peavey on a regular basis.

Guitar Eelectrics and switches including pre amp boards, active eq's, grounding,
upgrade or replacement.
Pots are one of the places you can switch your guitars sound up a gear by replaceing with high quality Bourns Potentiometers (Potts)
We have also found a fantastic upgrade for the output Jack that improves signal quality no end, gold plated high quality construction all for £20 including fitting.

Synthesizers keyboards Mixers PA equipment Outboard and FX

email: sam@proaudioman.com

I take safety very seriously and all repairs are pat tested and inspected in accordance with UK legislation
I provide valid pat test labeling for gigging musicians bands and Pro users

As sound is of the utmost importance I have a studio on site to be able to fully sound test equipment before returning.
Have a look in the studio gallery.